Rainbow cake

kawalek tortu teczowego

My son’s first birthday was a great opportunity to make this cake. Ever since I saw it the first time, I wanted to make it. I divided my work into 3 days, first baked the layers, then soak them with punch, spread the cream and let it be in the fridge overnight and then on the day of my son’s party I have decorated it. It was totally worth this much of time. It looked wonderful and was very, very tasty. Found the recipe here. Enjoy!


Chicken a`la KFC

kfc 2

I know, I know… There is probably million of posts on the Web saying that this is the one and only recipe for a KFC chicken. There are also comments under them saying: “KFC’s recipe for a chicken is a secret and they guard it with their lives!” ;) Well, maybe they do. I found this recipe by an accident and was a bit sceptical about it. Tried some already and they were far away from the original. What made me to try it? Lack of corn flakes in the coating which were always in the other recipes. So or so you can try for yourself. I really liked it and believe that it is pretty close to the “real deal”. You can experiment with spices and made it just the way your prefer. Enjoy!


Muffins with bananas and chocolate


Constant lack of time. This is how I would describe my life lately. It is of course rewarding to see the little one developing and growing but he is highly time-consuming and doing anything else but taking care of him is very hard. I made those muffins during one of his very short naps. I had two very ripe bananas and did not want them to go to waste. The result was very tasty and juicy. Love bananas in cakes! Found the recipe here, enjoy!


Fast tea cookies

cookies fast 1

Becoming a mom and cooking do not always go together. My three months old son is taking all my time so planning is very difficult. These cookies are an example of how fast and efficient my baking must be nowadays. Of course I could go to the shop and buy some sweets but I like to occupy myself from time to time with something other than diapers and lullabies :). I found this recipe here. Enjoy!


Envelopes with apples and strawberries

koperty z jablkiem 2

I had a few spare apples and some strawberries and was wondering if I can make something with them which would remind me of my early steps in the baking department. I used to prepare those envelopes filled with apples when I was less than 10 years old. The decision was quick. After short preparation, I could enjoy my little pieces of childhood. I found the recipe here. Bon appetit!


Strawberry muffins with crumble

strawberry muffins 2

Finally got some strawberries this season! Couldn’t wait! Had so many ideas of what to make with them. After all I decided to make those muffins since they were really easy and not at all time consuming. I found the recipe here. Enjoy!


Cinnamon roll scones

cinnamon rolls 3

During the first two years of living in Switzerland I always had a cinnamon roll scone with my coffee in the morning. Those scones were truly amazing and I could have never find anything even slightly similar to them anywhere else. This recipe was one of the tries of finding that taste once again. It’s close and delicious but not quite there yet. I got the recipe here. Enjoy!


Cheese spirals with nutty filling

cheese buns with cinnamon

I did not post any recipe for a long time. Let’s start from something easy and delicious. I found those mini cakes by accident in the old recipes of my culinary guru. I had some cream cheese at home and thought that those will be perfect with a cup of coffee. Enjoy!


3 bit

I wanted to make this cake for a long time, since one does not have to do any baking for it whatsoever. We have a candy bar in Poland called this way. It’s a mix between caramel, cookies and chocolate. To be completely honest I prefer this cake over the candy any time. The recipe is a combination of many. They all say pretty much the same with the exception in preparation of a custard cream. Some boil the butter with milk and sugar and some just boil everything and mix it with butter when the custard is cool. So or so it is worth trying! Enjoy!


Triple-choc cookies

Few weeks ago I promised to bring some cookies to my language course’s class. It was hard to choose the kind of cookies to please everyone and so this recipe was one of five which I was considering. Have no fear though, it was a great choice, everyone liked them. Plus of this recipe is a very short preparation time and of course the taste! Chocoholics should be satisfied. Enjoy!


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