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It’s time for something Polish. After finding a nice pancake’s recipe and having some mince meat in the freezer I decided that it is the time to make some croquettes. It is a special dish served pretty much on every party in my parent’s house, very often with a beet root soup.

For pancakes from Dorota’s blog:

100 g white flour
2 eggs
300 ml milk
1 tbsp oil

Mix it well all together and fry crepes-like pancakes. Normally I manage to get 6 pieces from this mix. I make double portion.

After your pancakes cool down a little it is the time for filling.

As a filling I use pork mince meat which I first fry with spices and well chopped onion. Then I am adding it to previously grinded/cut cooked sour cabbage (I buy this one in my local shop, otherwise you need to cook it on your own). I am mixing it all together and still add some spices. Filling needs to be quite spicy otherwise croquettes will be tasteless.

I never really wrote down the proportions of the meat to cabbage. I think it normally is around 600 g of minced meat, one onion and 2/3rd bag of sauer cabbage (around 300-400 g).

Anyway when I put the filling on pancakes I make sure to leave some space on the edges. Then you need to fold it (two edges folded preferably so the filling will not fall out), dip it in beaten egg with spices and after in breadcrumbs.

I am frying it with a little amount of oil on both sides.

As a filling of course you can use what you want. It can also be a fried mushrooms/onion/cabbage mix or mushrooms/onion/Emmentaler.