I think this is by far my favorite polish dish and when I go to Poland my mom prepares some for me. Since I did not visit Poland for a long time I decided to make some pierogi on my own. There are thousand recipes of how to prepare pierogi’s dough. I simply asked my mom and they came out as hers 🙂

Pierogi’s dough:

500 g of flour

2 eggs

warm water (around 2/3 cup)

Mix together flour and eggs. Add some water (not much at the beginning) and work the dough (with adding the water when it is still too dry) till the moment it will be soft, smooth and just a little sticky.

Divide the dough into portions and roll it till it will be around 2 mm thick (thickness depends on how one likes it). Cut out circles, put some filling on them and then fold the dough over forming semi-circles. Press the edges together with the tines of fork (there also special accessories to make it easier ;)).

If you are having a hard time getting the edges to stick together, you probably added too much flour in the dough. Add a bit of warm water to get it sticky.

Boil the pierogi (not too many one time) in a large pot of salty water (throw them in when the water is boiling). After they start to float on the top still boil them for 4-5 minutes.

Pierogi’s filling:

300 g mince meat (I use pork)

200 g sour (chopped) cabbage (I buy a cooked one, if you do not find it in your local shop, you need to buy a normal chopped sour cabbage and boil it till it’s soft)

1 chopped large onion

spices (salt, pepper, paprika etc.)

Fry the onion on the pan, add mince meat and fry it all together with spices (because the dough does not have any spices in it, the filling should be quite spicy but it is all depending on the personal preferences).  Chilled meat-onion mixture add to the chopped up sour cabbage (I chop it up more than it is normally in the packet) and mix it together. You might want to check the taste and spice it up a little bit more.

There is a lot of fillings you can use in pierogi. It can be a sour cabbage and some dry mushrooms, a white cheese (quark) or fruits like blue berries or strawberries (then we serve it with fresh cream and sugar). In Poland we also serve Russian’s pierogi which are filled with some onion, a white cheese and boiled potatoes.

I serve my pierogi with fried onion 🙂