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On Dorota’s blog every comment under this recipe is positive. I added mine too. These buns have a really delicate taste. They are soft and fresh for quite some time. I filled mine with strawberry jam and fell in love with them after the first bite.

Ingredients for around 12 buns
75 g cooking butter
250 ml milk
25 g fresh yeast or 12 g dry ones
70 g sugar
500 g flour
Besides that you will need jam or some other filling (can be a custard or apple marmalade) and an egg beaten with 1 spoon of milk.

Melt the butter, add milk, mix and heat it up together (it has to be slightly warm, not too hot though). Mix the dry yeast with flour (if you use the fresh ones, you need to make a mix with a bit of sugar and flour before and let it rise a little). Add the rest of the ingredients; combine it all together until it is smooth. Set aside to rise until doubled (1-1.5 hours). After that you need to knead it well to make sure that all the excessive air from the dough is gone.

Roll it in 30×50 cm square (more or less), spread the filling on it, roll into a tube and cut it into 3-3.5 cm pieces. Put in a baking form leaving space in between and then using finger or a knife push it down in the middle so it can get the proper sides-up shape (will post pictures how to next time I will make them). Again set it aside to rise but only for 10-15 minutes and after that sprinkle the egg/milk mixture on them.

Bake in 220 degrees around 10 minutes.