Pay de queso means cheese pie. It is a Mexican version of a cheesecake. The preparation is easy (I was left with quite some of the cheese mass at the end, I will use 2/3rd of the ingredients next time) and the result is delicious. This recipe comes from Majanka’s blog.


250 g of grated Digestive (originally 300g)

150 g of melted butter (originally 250g, too much in my opinion)

8 eggs

500 g of cream cheese (I used our swiss ½ fat quark, it can be also Philadelphia)

500 g of dense vanilla quark or some other quark

411 g of sweetened condensed milk (1 and ½ can)

533 g of unsweetened condensed milk (1 can)

Grind Digestives to a coarse powder, add butter and mix. Press this mixture into a spring-form baking pan (Ø26 cm) covered with baking paper and cool down in the fridge.

Pour milks into blender cup; add cream cheese, quark, and eggs. Mix until smooth.

Pour onto prepared Digestive crust.

Bake it in a pre-heated oven (180 Celcius for around 1 hour). Cool it down (preferably transfer, when cool, into the fridge for around 8h/overnight). Decorate as desired (for example with grated chocolate) and serve.