I did not prepare anything sweet using yeast for a long time. I saw these buns on Dorota’s website and decided that I want to make them. Originally they also contain raisins but I  made them only with custard. They are delicious!

Ingredients for the dough (makes 12 big buns):

500 g bread flour

12 g dry yeast or 24 g fresh ones

3 tbsp sugar

2 eggs

200 ml milk

50 ml full cream

60 g butter

Mix dry yeast with flour, add the rest of the ingredients (minus butter). In the end add melted, cooled butter. Knead the dough well. Set aside to rise (1-1.5 hours).

After this time knead the dough again. Take 250 g of the dough and roll it to 40 x 25 cm rectangle. Place it in the baking form lined with paper. This will be the bottom of the buns.

Roll the rest of the dough into 40 x 40 cm square.

Spread the filling on the prepared dough and roll it from one side. With a sharp knife divide it into 12 pieces. Place them in the form and let rise for another 15 minutes (see pictures below).

Beat the egg with a spoon of milk and brush the buns with it.

Bake around 25-30 minutes in 200ºC. If the buns will get brown too fast, cover them with aluminum foil. Decorate them while still warm with icing sugar mixed with hot water.

Ingredients for the custard filling:

550 ml milk

25 g butter

4 egg yolks

110 g sugar

60 g flour

50 g cornstarch

16 g vanilla sugar

eventually raisins

Boil 300 ml of milk with sugars and butter. Mix the rest of the milk with egg yolks, flour and cornstarch. Pour this mixture slowly in to the boiling milk and stir constantly to prevent forming of lumps (if lumps appear, use stab mixer to make it smooth again). Add raisins, mix it well. Cover with foil and let it cool down a little.