When in Poland, I am making sweet treats mainly with apples. That time was no different, my family wanted some kind of small (not too small!) cookies  and I came across this recipe some time ago so used the opportunity to try it out. My cookies were delicious and disappeared quickly. Enjoy!


100 ml warm milk

50 g fresh yeast

5 tbsp sugar

300 g flour

3 egg yolks

150 g butter

filling i.e. apple filling (for recipe check here), jam or marmalade

few spoons of sugar to roll/sprinkle the cookies in it/with it

Mix milk, yeast and sugar. Set aside for 10+ minutes to start the yeast.

After that add egg yolks and pour the mixture into flour premixed with butter. Knead the dough; throw it into the big pot filled with really cold water and wait till it floats (if it does not float after 20 minutes take it out anyway).

Divide the dough into 8 parts and roll out circles of 2-3 mm thickness and cut them like pizza into 4-12 pieces (depends how big cookies you want to have). On the wider end of the triangle put some filling and roll it into a pipe (see pictures below). You can squeeze the ends and shape them into twirls or leave them just after rolling.

Brush with beaten egg white and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake till golden at 175ºC.