Another pierogi’s recipe. I only tried it on a request and I was deliciously surprised. These pierogi’s are crunchy, delicate and really tasty. I would never expect such a result and I will definitely prepare these kind of pierogi’s again! My recipe comes from here. Enjoy!

The dough (makes about 20 medium sized pierogi’s):

2 cups flour

4 tbsp butter


2 eggs

warm water

Knead all the ingredients till you see air bubbles in the dough. It should be a bit sticky and elastic.

The filling:

350 g minced meat (I used pork)


spices: salt, pepper, paprika


Cut the onion and fry it on the small amount of oil. Add the meat and fry for few more minutes. Add 1 cup of water and some spices and heat it up till the water evaporates. Taste the filling and spice it up some more if needed.

Roll the dough (2-3 mm thick), cut out the circles and put some filling on one half of it and cover with the other. Stick the edges well.

Deep fry till brown.

Serve with salad and sauce (i.e. gravy, tzatziki).

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