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Shashliks are the absolut hit of the parties in my family. Especially if we can grill them. My mom was always the one preparing them so I learnt from her. There are serveral things you can use to prepare them but I like them the way I show below.


500 – 750 g meat (I used pork ragout but neck part of the pork is even better)

2 peppers (different colors preferably)

piece of raw bacon (250 g)

500 g small onions

10 mushrooms (best medium sized)

spices (salt, pepper, paprika, curry, garlic salt etc.)

sticks (metal or wooden)


Chop all the ingredients into little pieces: meatย  2-3 cm cubish pieces, onions into plasters, mushrooms into fours, pepper and bacon into square pieces.

Prepare the sticks the way so they will fit into your pan to avoid any troubles (usually I had to shorten mine till I bought metal ones).

Put the ingredients in order: meat, onion, bacon, pepper, mushrooms, meat, onion, … etc.

Heat up the oil, spice prepared shashliks and fry them on all sides (covered, this will prevent drying of the meat) for few minutes till the meat and onion get soft.ย  Usually it takes around 7-10 minutes (depending on the size of the meat pieces).

Serve with bread, salad or as desired.

Additonal info: If I use the neck part of the pork I usually don’t use bacon but put the fatty pieces of it instead.

You can grill the shashliks by placing them into the aluminum tray and covering with the other.