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I know that omelette is not exactly a cooking challenge but I was looking for a recipe which would make it taste more delicate and would not be just a different way of serving scrambled eggs. This omelette is very tasty and it definitely made me believe that omelettes can be a good lunch/dinner option. I combined few recipes here and have no clue where did I find them. Sorry! So or so enjoy!

Ingredients (makes an omelette of Ø 25 cm):

3 eggs

3 tbsp flour

50ml butter milk

4-5 mushrooms

100 g ham

1/2 onion

grated pizza cheese (desired amount)

spices (salt, pepper, paprika etc.)

Fry mushrooms and onion till all the water evaporates. Cut the ham in stripes.

Beat the eggs, butter milk, flour and spices until foamy.

Heat up a pan (Ø 25 cm) with a spoon of butter. Pour the egg mixture onto it. Fry on a medium heat till the omelette is almost solid. Put the filling on the omelette (mushrooms, ham and cheese), fold it in half and cover the pan. Fry for another 2-3 minutes till the cheese melts and the omelette is ready.

Serve as desired.