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Had to make some “brain food”. I chose these bars because I trust Nigella and her love to good food. They are really tasty: chewy, crunchy, not too hard and not too soft. The result was satisfying and I will for sure prepare them again. The recipe comes from “Nigella Express”. Enjoy!


1 can of condensed milk (sweet or not, up to you) 397 g

250 g oats

75 g dessicated coconut

100 g dried cranberries

125 g mix of sesame and sunflower seeds

125 g hazelnuts

Heat up the milk (do not boil!) till it gets denser. Mix all the other ingredients and pour the milk onto them. Mix it all well.
Spread the mass on the 21 x 26 cm baking tray lined with paper, smooth the surface.

Bake at 140°C around 1 hour. Cool down a little and cut into 16 pieces. Leave to cool down completely.