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My favourite pesto is the really basic one made from basil. I was curious to check the taste of this one, specifically because I really like the taste of parsley. Also I have never made a pesto from scratch so was anxious to try. It was really easy to make and the result was refreshing. I found the recipe here. Worth to try!

Ingredients (2 portions):

2 portions of spaghetti or some other pasta

bunch of flat leaves parsley

25 g pumpkin seeds

1/3 clove of garlic

10 g grated parmesan

5 tbsp virgin olive oil

1 tsp vinaigrette

1 tsp lemon zest

sea salt and freshly grated pepper

Mix all the ingredients with hand blender or in the mortar (start with garlic and parsley leaves, only after these resemble the paste, add the rest of the ingredients). Fry the pumpkin seeds on a dry frying pan and add to the pesto mixture.

Boil the pasta, add pesto, mix and serve.