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I have a phase for blueberries so decided to prepare some yeast buns filled with them and top it off with vanilla crumble. The result was delicious. This kind of buns it a traditional sweet roll Polish people buy in the summer. I am glad they came out as the original ones I know from my country. I used two recipes to make them which come from here. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 16 pieces:

500 g flour

1 1/2 tsp dry yeast (7 g)

pinch of salt

250 ml milk

1 egg

¼ cup sunflower oil

½ cup sugar

8 g vanilla sugar

Blueberry filling:

300 g blueberries

3 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp cornstarch

Mix all the ingredients and set aside.


120 g flour

3 tbsp sugar

8 g vanilla sugar

60 g soft butter

Mix all the ingredients and set aside.


Mix flour with yeast, add salt. Add milk, egg and mix well. Add oil and the rest of the ingredients. Knead till smooth and elastic. Set aside to rise for 1 – 1,5 hour.

Afterwards knead the dough a little, divide into 16 pieces and form balls. Leave them for 15 minutes to rise again.


Flatten each ball with the hand, put some of the filling on it and fold it. Stick the ends together and then roll it gently to form long rolls.


Place them on a oiled surface or oven tray lined with baking paper and sprinkled with flour and leave to rise for 45 minutes.


After that beat the egg with a spoon of milk, brush the rolls with it and sprinkle with a crumble.


Bake at 220°C around 15 minutes. Let them cool before serving.