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Last Friday I decided to finally use my mom’s recipe for a fish in tomato sauce. I remember eating it before and it was delicious so was curious if I can deliver this yumminess myself. And I did ;). Preparation is really easy. I served mine with rice but you can also enjoy it with bread or couscous. Enjoy!


4-6 pieces of fish (I followed my mom’s advise and took the one shaped like rectangular cubes) i.e. cod or hake

330 ml 100% tomato juice

cayenne pepper

2-3 sliced cloves of garlic

handful of fresh cut parsley

salt, pepper, paprika

Defreeze fishes.

Fry sliced garlic on a bit of oil till it’s golden. Place fishes in the same pan, sprinkle with spices (careful with salt because fishes are salty on their own) and add tomato juice.

Let it boil on a medium heat till the juice gets denser (around 20-30 minutes), stirring from time to time. Flip the fish 2-3 times during that time. Add cayenne.

In the end sprinkle with parsely and serve as desired.