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I wanted to make this cake for a long time, since one does not have to do any baking for it whatsoever. We have a candy bar in Poland called this way. It’s a mix between caramel, cookies and chocolate. To be completely honest I prefer this cake over the candy any time. The recipe is a combination of many. They all say pretty much the same with the exception in preparation of a custard cream. Some boil the butter with milk and sugar and some just boil everything and mix it with butter when the custard is cool. So or so it is worth trying! Enjoy!


500-600 g petit beurre

500 g caramel

3 cups milk

¾ cup sugar (mixed with vanillin sugar)

125 g butter

4 tbsp flour

5 tbsp corn starch

4 eggs

500 ml full cream

75 g dark chocolate

1 tbsp icing sugar

2 packs of cream stabiliser (or the amount called by a producer)


Line the form (25×35 cm or smaller) with a baking paper or use cake tin with removable sides.

Place one layer of cookies on the bottom. Heat up the caramel and spread an even layer on the cookies. Cover the caramel with another layer of cookies.

Custard cream: Boil 2 cups of milk with butter and sugar. Mix the remaining cup of milk with eggs and flour. Pour it slowly to the boiling milk mixture constantly stirring to avoid lumps (if you get any, use the stab mixer to remove them).

Pour hot custard onto the cookies and cover it with another layer of cookies. In this moment it is desirable to cover the form with a saran wrap and refrigerate it for several hours (preferably overnight) to soften the cookies.

After that time remove the cake from the fridge. Whip the cream with a spoon of sugar and cream stabiliser and pour it on the cookies.

Grind the chocolate on the whipped cream. You can serve it immediately.

Store in the fridge.

Ps. To make the cake less sweet, you can use crackers instead of cookies (all or some of the layers).