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I got this recipe from my mom. I have helped her making those cookies and even though we made like 50 of them, I do not think it took us more than 20 minutes (that includes kneading and peeling apples). And of course, the result was delicious. Enjoy!

Ingredients for around 50 cookies:

500 g flour

200 g butter

50 g fresh yeast

3 egg yolks

3 tbsp sour cream

2 tbsp sugar

pinch of salt


3-4 apples

sugar to coat the apples


brown sugar to sprinkle with

egg white to brush with


Knead all the ingredients. Roll the dough until it’s 2-3 mm thick and cut out circles. Put a piece of apple on them (roll it first in sugar) and fold the dough over forming semi-circles. Press the edges together. Do it as much as needed.

Place formed cookies on the baking tray lined with paper and sprinkled with flour, brush them with egg white and sprinkle with sugar (I used cinnamon sugar).

Bake at 190°C for around 15 minutes or until brown.