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snickers pieBBQ-ing with friends made me to look for a dessert recipe which would satisfy most of them. And I found one. This pie is a perfect treat for Snickers’ fans and caramel. It is made on a cookie base so no baking needed and I think it is a great idea for hot days when putting the oven on is the last thing on someone’s mind. Recipe comes from a book by D. Swiatkowska “Moje wypieki i desery”. Enjoy!


300 g chocolate cookies with chocolate filling (I used Digestive with milk chocolate)

50 g dark chocolate

50 g butter in room temperature


250 g mascarpone

400 g dulce de leche (either ready caramel or sweetened condensed milk boiled for two hours)

70 g white chocolate, melted in water bath

3 Snickers bars, 60 g each

300 g full cream 36%, chilled


All the base ingredients mix in a food processor until they have consistency of wet sand. Flan (tart) form, 25 cm diameter, with removable bottom, coat with butter and then press the mix into the bottom and sides. Refrigerate until the filling is ready.

Place mascarpone into a bowl and mix with 200 g of dulce de leche until smooth. Add melted chocolate and mix again. Chop 2 Snickers bars into small pieces (3-5 mm) and add to the mix. Pour the batter onto a chilled base and refrigerate for a few hours (best overnight).

Next day whip the cream and spread it on top of caramel cream. Last Snickers chop into pieces and sprinkle the top. Decorate it more with the rest of caramel. Refrigerate for a few hours.

snickers pie 2